Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning

At Hyper Cleaning, we have the unparalleled expertise in Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning that your Curtains and Furniture need! Our friendly, professional Cleaning Technicians have the highest qualifications in the trade, so you can rest assured that even the most delicate textile blends will be treated gently, but effectively to remove even stubborn and ingrained stains.

Why Choose Hyper Cleaning?

  • Hyper Cleaning is a Professional Company, with highly skilled Cleaning Technicians who have extensive experience in cleaning a wide range of Textiles
  • We use superb quality products to sanitise your Upholstery and Curtains
  • Hyper Cleaning Curtain and Upholstery Service will leave your curtains and textile covered furniture hygienically clean, fresh and allergen free
  • Our Cleaning products are safe for pets and small children
  • We offer specialist treatments including Pet Stain Removal, Anti-Moth Treatment, Scotchgard and Fire Retardent
  • Hyper Cleaning have countless satisfied customers across the county
  • We can treat delicate and hard to clean textiles efficiently
  • Our Cleaning methods are recommended by leading manufacturers
  • Hyper Cleaning Services are incredibly competitively priced
  • Curtains and Upholstery will be dry cleaned and steam cleaned according to the material, all items will be patch tested.

At Hyper Cleaning we know that even Textiles that look clean may contain germs, dust mites and other allergens. That is why we are here to sanitise and thoroughly clean your Curtains and Upholstery. Many of today’s decorator fabrics are made of fabric blends that require special attention. At Hyper Cleaning, we can clean and sanitise even the most delicate of fabrics, giving them a longer life and restoring colour and texture.

We recommend that our clients have their Upholstery professionally cleaned annually, depending on colour and level of use. This is to ensure longevity and to maintain brightness and texture.

Hyper Cleaning can clean your draperies where they hang, eliminating the inconvenience of taking them down which subsequently reduces the cleaning time. We use Chemspec and Prochem products, which are world renowned Cleaning Products, which formulations meet strict performance, safety, quality and environmental criteria.

Give us a call today for more information, and let Hyper Cleaning brighten and sanitise your Curtains and Upholstery Today!