Domestic Cleaning

Hyper Cleaning take all the hassle out of your Domestic Cleaning!

Our Domestic Cleaning Services:

1Our Domestic Cleaning Services
Weekly, bi-weekly or as often as required
2Domestic Once off / ad hoc service
Based on quotation from onsite assessment
3Housing Developments
Cleaning newly built or renovated homes for developers after building is complete
4Cleaning Service for Homeowners and Estate Agents 
Cleaning homes prior to new tenant’s occupation or for public viewing

Our contract service at Hyper Cleaning is based all upon a pre-clean quotation. Depending on the size of the home and the needs of the client, Hyper Cleaning assign a fixed appointment for the home per week. Our supervised team supply all the equipment and cleaning products required to perform the cleaning duties.

Hyper Cleaning also offer a range of Cleaning Packages to your needs and budget.
Gold, Silver, and Bronze. With our uniquely developed standard service, Hyper Cleaning cater for all your basic cleaning needs.

Call our Local Domestic Cleaning team on - 07718 075093

Our budget service accommodates clients who would like specific cleaning tasks to be carried out on their premises in relation to their budget. We allocate a fixed time slot according to the client’s wishes and focus on the tasks the client specified. Some tasks may be rotated on a weekly basis.

We also have a specially designed Business Service for small to medium size businesses. Please call us now on 07718 075093 to book an assessment or for further information.

Our Hyper Cleaning Ad Hoc Service is utilised for clients who need a once off cleaning service. We can clean according to our standard routine or you may indicate specific details that need attention. Hyper Cleaning supply all the cleaning equipment and products necessary to clean the premises.

At Hyper Cleaning, we have also developed an exclusive Cleaning Service for building contractors or housing developers. We understand that time is money, so we take on the chore of cleaning newly built or refurbished homes for pre-occupational requirements.

Over and above these services, Hyper Cleaning always endeavour to accommodate any special tasks our clients may request. These tasks will receive first attention in the property.

With Hyper Cleaning’s expertise and experience, you are assured that every customer’s needs are always met, efficiently and affordably!

Please give Hyper Cleaning a call today for all your cleaning needs! Our team is standing by to take your call - 07718 075093