Window Cleaning

Hyper Cleaning is your go-to Service Provider when it comes to sparkling clean Windows!

How do we clean your windows?

At Hyper Cleaning, we provide our clients with the most efficient Window Cleaning Service available. Our highly skilled staff uses a water-fed Pole System, allowing your windows to be cleaned using a telescopic pole through which purified water is pumped onto the window surface. Together, the purified water and the soft bristle-brush clean away dirt and water marks, which is then rinsed away, leaving windows clean, clear and streak-free. Since we use purified water which is free from minerals, your windows dry without leaving any residue or water-marks, making this method the most effective and time efficient in the trade. Using this method means we get the job done quicker, saving you money and taking the hassle out of cleaning even the highest, inaccessible windows.

Why do you need Hyper Cleaning?

  • Hyper Cleaning use a unique system minimizes the need for ladders, so your windows are cleaned quickly and safely.
  • At Hyper Cleaning, we clean all exterior windows up to 80ft high, so previously inaccessible windows can be cleaned effortlessly.
  • We work seasonally on a week-by-week basis, meaning your windows never have to be dirty again.
  • Our well-trained staff are reliable and always on-time.
  • Hyper Cleaning can also assist you by providing a once-off window cleaning service, used by clients who are moving home for example.
  • Our excellent services are local and competitively priced.

Many buildings are designed without the consideration of maintenance and exterior. This is why Hyper Cleaning use our water fed Pole System, so the inaccessibility becomes inconsequential.

Hyper Cleaning also offer our clients a more traditional Window Cleaning Service – the trusty squeegee, soap and water. We use this method to clean you interior windows, and combining these two methods means you never have to clean a window again. Inside and outside, we are here to remove the hassle, saving you time, money and taking on the strain of Window Cleaning so you don’t have to.

Why not give Hyper Cleaning a call today for a quote and let us take care of all your Window Cleaning needs!