LEATHER Cleaning


Hyper Cleaning take all the hassle out of your Leather Cleaning

Maintenance of your leather investment is very important. One of the most common issues we come across is damage to leather due to incorrect  diy or professional cleaning.  Our professional leather cleaning solutions are gentle, but also highly effective. 

Professional Leather Cleaning

 Leather comes in a variety of hides, finishes and colours, we have a variety of professional leather cleaning solutions to match. Whether it’s aniline, pigmented or any other type of specialist leather you’ll get a specialist caring clean, with results ensured by our years of experience and expertise.

The clean will lift out layers of dirt, oil and soiling. We’ll reach the most obstinate patches, deep within the grain. The clean re-nourishes the leather as it goes, replacing lost moisture so the years of wear literally fade away.

We frequently remove large areas of unsightly staining, commonly from food, drinks, ink, and dye transfer. 

Our customers are pleasantly surprised at the results and relieved they tried our eco-friendly leather upholstery clean and by correctly maintaining your investment, we can ensure that your leather always looks its best. It’s important to ensure that your leather sofa is cleaned and maintained correctly by an experienced professional.

Fresher, Brighter, CLEANER

Why Choose Us To Clean Your LEATHER?

We working evenings and weekends

Eco-friendly, allergy free cleaning

Staff are IICRC & NCCA qualified

We are dedicated to providing you with a quality service

What to expect from a "hyper clean"

We offer specialist treatments including Pet Stain Removal, Anti-Moth Treatment, Scotchgard and Fire Retardent

Hyper Cleaning have countless satisfied customers across the county

Our Cleaning products are safe for pets and small children

Our Cleaning methods are recommended by leading manufacturers

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